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The SafenSoft Wiki database contains additional reference materials for working with components of the SoftControl system, which is designed to protect electronic devices from various types of cybersecurity threats: viruses, spy applications, and other malware, as well as to prevent unauthorized actions of malicious users.

The SoftControl system has the following components:

  • SoftControl Service Center (consists of SoftControl Server and SoftControl Admin Console);
  • SoftControl SysWatch;
  • SoftControl DLP Client;
  • SoftControl DeCrypt.

SoftControl Service Center acts as the server for the system components and provides tools for administration of the client components.

SoftControl SysWatch protects information resources on self-service devices from unauthorized access.

SoftControl DLP Client facilitates control of user actions within a corporate network.

SoftControl DeCrypt performs encryption of system disks on self-service devices, workstations within a corporate network, and servers.

! The SafenSoft Wiki database is not a user guide and does not act as a substitute for a user guide. The purpose of this database is to help users quickly find answers to questions that often arise when working with the SoftControl system.